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2024 EDUCAUSE Top 10 Issues Facing Higher Ed - How FlightPath Academics Excels
May 27th, 2024

Every year, EDUCAUSE creates a list of the top 10 issues facing Higher Education.  This year's overarching topic is "Institutional Resilience" and how technology and data can advance the cause. 

Here at FlightPath Academics, we're eager to answer the call and explain how we can help your institution soar!

Introducing Jetstream - The CRM by and for Higher Education
May 11th, 2024

We're very proud and excited to release our newest product: Jetstream.  It is a new kind of CRM, one designed exclusively for Higher Education, and designed in a joint-venture between FlightPath Academics and the University of Louisiana System's Compete LA  project.

From community colleges to mult-university systems, Jetstream is crafted to guide and engage students through their entire academic journey.

Open Source Alternatives For Your Campus
April 19th, 2024

The world of Higher Ed software can be an expensive one, especially with falling enrollment numbers and with them, budgets.  Luckily, there are plenty of desktop and web-based "open source" products available, often as great alternatives to pricey third-party solutions. 

Read on for a list of the best options out there for your campus.

5 Reasons Your School Needs FlightPath for Advising & Student Success
March 18th, 2024

If you aren't using an online advising system yet, it is a must-have for your campus.  Not only does it standardize advisings, but it ensures accuracy, speed, and can even increase retention rates. 

Read more to see how FlightPath can fulfill all of your school's advising and degree audit needs.

FlightPath Source Code Stored in Arctic Code Vault
February 20th, 2024

We're thrilled to announce that the official source code for our open-source advising system, FlightPath, has been stored in the Arctic Code Vault for all time! 

Read more to find out all the details.